What are CC0 images?

CC0 images are images that are free to use in any way, even commercially without attribution. Essentially the CC0 license removes all copyright from the image allowing you to use, edit or even sell them. Although the number of images is possibly limited compared to licensed images there is still a large quantity in a wide variety of styles and themes. All this put together make CC0 images a very good choice of images for those needing images.


What other licenses allow me to use images for free?

While the CC0 license is the most common there are several others what allow free use.
These include but are not limited to:
MPL – Mozilla Public License
Each license has a use, some are more relevant in software development so we recommend you research before you pick a license to use for your projects.


The List

1. PixaBay.

PixaBay has over 79000 photos, videos, vector graphics, and  illustrations. It has an API which allows you to access photos automatically.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the most used CC0 Image sites about. Regularly updated and well featured this site is easy and quick to use even able to suggest matching images based on an inputted theme makes this our prefered source of CC0 images.

3. Little Visuals

Door CC0 Images
Little Visuals is a site specialising in landscape and architecture photos. Sadly due to the owner’s death is it no longer updated, although it does contain some great HD photos which make this site still worth a visit.

4. Public Domain Images

Public Domain Pictures contains more of a “stock image” style of image with cheesy acting and fake smiles, this site is perfect for your corporate site images.

5. Splitshire

Splitshare contains a massive amount of incredibly nice photos of people and many other subjects it is well worth the visit if you are looking for pictures of people.

6. Libreshot


Libreshot contains hundreds of regularly updated pefect for any situation. It is very easy to use and find the perfect picture.

7. StockSnap


StockSnap contains several hundred carefully curated photos so all of them are high quality. It also contains an inbuilt image editor.

8. Skitterphoto


Skitterphoto is also curated meaning that the photos are always high quality. They also use their own photographers allowing them to have more unusual and less used photos.

9. Magdeleine


Magdeleine is updated daily with many beautiful images, the site also allows you to sort by license type meaning you can also select photos that need attribution.

10. Viintage


Viintage contains loads of older photos and posters perfect if you are looking for a more vintage look. They have many images unavailable elsewhere and a more unique style than the other sites mentioned.

11. Gratisography


Gratisography contains only high quality HD photos. Taken by only one photographer they cover a massive number of themes and styles.


I hope this has been helpful explanation on CC0 images, why you sh0uld use them, and where you can get them from. Please feel free to comment below your favorite sites and experiences with using CC0 images (and maybe stories why you should stick to CC0 images).